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When you need a complete overhaul for your career, where do you begin? You begin at the base – your CV. Your professional resume forms the basis of which companies you can apply to and how your journey through your job search would be. Unfortunately, this is where most job candidates fail to make an impression.

The fact is, a recruiter would perhaps spend about 10 seconds on your resume to get a basic idea of whether you are a right fit or not. To make an impression in these 10 seconds, you have to have a resume that highlights exactly what you want to communicate to a potential recruiter so that your resume does not end up in a pile of junk.

ReKruiTIn’s cutting edge resume services make sure that the recruiter is compelled to read your resume, and that your skills and experience are highlighted for easy reference. With our experienced resume writers, with knowledge of over 40 different industries, you are in safe hands. You will make an impression with your resume – every time because we know what recruiters are looking for, and we can help you position yourself most favorably.

The international curriculum vitae resume is typically a six- to eight-page excruciatingly detailed resume. Although the international curriculum vitae (CV) resume solicits private information that’s outlawed in the United States, such as your health status, the international CV is favored in some nations as a kind of global ticket to employment.

Formality prevails with the international CV. England has a suggested CV form, which is more like the American resume than not. Following are some tips to consider when using this format:

  • If you’re applying in a non-English-speaking country, have your CV translated into the appropriate foreign language. Send both the English and the native-language version.

  • Unless it’s untrue, mention in the personal section that you have excellent health.

  • Suggest by appropriate hobbies and personal interests that you’ll easily adapt to an overseas environment.

  • If you’re submitting your international CV on paper, handwrite the cover letter that goes with it — Europeans use handwriting analysis as a screening device. If your handwriting is iffy, enclose a word-processed version as well.

  • Make sure that your cover letter shows a sincere desire to be in the country of choice.

Are you dreaming about drawing attention to your persona, getting your job application noticed and bagging the desired job? Then first of all, you should take care of your resume. Though it helps to overcome only the first step towards building your brilliant career, no one would argue that this small piece of paper or a modern minimal one-page web resume is the one that creates the first impression. In the majority of cases it is this first impression that decides your fate. Thus, if you want to succeed, spend time and put in a great deal of effort in order to give your CV a professional, original and unique appearance. The online resources we dug up for you will be of massive help in these efforts…

A video resume is a short video created by a candidate for employment that describes the individual's skills and qualifications and is typically used to supplement a traditional resume.

How a Video Resume Can Help

It's important to keep in mind that a video resume isn't going to get you a job. However, if can assist you in marketing yourself to prospective employers - if it's done right. Done poorly, it can, at best, hinder your chances of getting an interview. At worst, it can knock you out of contention and embarrass you. That's what happened to one student who sent a video showing himself lifting weights, serving tennis balls, and ballroom dancing. It made the rounds on the Internet and didn't impress, to say the least, any prospective employers.

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Fresher Resume

Our entry level CV service is ideal if you are currently studying or have recently graduated and have little or no employment history. Our main approach to writing your CV will be the same as for someone with 20 years experience - highlighting your enthusiasm, availability and relevant experience.

Mid Level Resume

It may sound like an over-used cliché but in the recruitment process, your CV really is your first (and more often than not your only) opportunity to provide a positive first impression. With recruiters assessing around 30 people for each vacancy, a high-impact professional CV with powerful and relevant content will give you a much-needed advantage in the competitive marketplace!

Senior Level Resume

Senior-level executive CVs must successfully communicate your value so that the salary you’re offered mirrors your experience – this is where we come in. Our in-house team will prepare a director level executive CV with content strategically supporting both your focus and your value proposition. Our highly-qualified CV writers will play a key role in showcasing your distinguished background using high-impact CV designs, combined with clever keyword placement.

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