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Background checks have become commonplace in today’s security conscious world. Job Seeker profiles which are marked by as “Background Check” ticked will surely catch employer’s eyes. As job seeker at, you can proactively get your public information verified and increase your chances of getting your dream job with top notch Employers around world. This will definitely give seeker profile edge over others in the competition.

By Using, you get:
  • Get your Profile Background Check ticked on
  • has Comprehensive background check used by Industry Leaders.
  • Unbiased information directly from Payroll or Human Resources.
  • Quality searches processed in some of the fastest times possible.
  • All information passed through numerous quality controls.
  • Verify Yourself with Services for Career Benefits
    Academic Background Check :
  • Verify your Under-graduate, Post-graduate degrees and other qualifications.
  • It also includes your Certification and Training Programs
  • Academic Verification process takes 15-20 working days
  • Employment Background Check :
  • Get verified your Current and Previous employers
  • Employment Background Check Verification process approximately takes 10-15 working days
  • Total Amount - ₹ 5460.00
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